Strategic SNS Marketing

Based on our principles of "Connecting People and Companies through Social Technology", we provide variety of services supporting companies' marketing with SNS.

We support companies' marketing with high performance, through our 3 main businesses: SNS Promotion Business, Data Management Business, and Ad Technology Business.
SNS Promotion Business creates relations between companies and customers.
Data Management Business accumulates, manages, and sorts user data through our Promotion.
Ad Technology Business utilizes accumulated data as a means to SNS advertisement.

What is Monipla?

Monipla is our ASP service, which companies readily hold SNS-based promotion campaign at a reasonable price.
Now, over 4,000 companies installed Monipla, and 2 million users have registered in it. Monipla is the largest scale of service in Japan. Targeted to Facebook users and Twitter users, companies can use variety of campaigns, such as "Photo contest", "Popularity vote", "Sweepstake", and "Questionnaire survey".

Monipla has function that accumulates user data through campaign on the cloud, and also easily manage and sort unique data management system.

We offer our Monipla service in Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan. Many local companies have great communication with customers through Monipla campaign.

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What is ReFUEL4?

ReFUEL4, provided by ReFUEL4 Pte. LTD., a fully subsidiary of Allied Architects, Inc., is the world's first exclusive freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing platform for pay-for-performance Facebook ads. This service matches companies which want to place a Facebook ad with designers who want to produce ads. In addition, ReFUEL4 is possible to order and delivery online.
Now, ReFUEL4 service is available in seven countries companies, and more than 10,000 designers with 83 countries have registered.
Using a pay-for-performance model, companies can measure the efficiency and optimization, and designers are paid when ads exceed established click-through-rates.

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