Keep on challenging to be "first-class" venture.

Our vision comes from the combination of two key aspirations being the leading company in our industry and being entrepreneurial at the same time. We not only aspire to be the finest provider of high quality service and to contribute to society, but we are also hungry to continually take on challenges with entrepreneurial drive and spirit.

Connecting People and Companies through Social Technology.

Why does Allied Architects pursue this mission?

This is because we believe in connecting individuals and businesses together through social media and technology, with a view to enriching our society.

The rise of social media has given new power to individuals to express their own personality through dialogue, and by developing a network of contacts on the internet it has dramatically improved the ease communication. Furthermore, businesses can now connect with their existing and prospective customers more easily through official social media accounts. In previous generations, small shops and businesses dealt directly with their customers. This brought people together, with close and direct connection being necessary to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Even though it helped to build strong relationships in the community, it did not go any further.

However, the advancement of technology and the emergence of social media has broken down boundaries and upended traditional hierarchies that previously may have constrained the flow of transactions between individuals and businesses around the world. Businesses can now achieve various objectives, such as reducing the time and cost and for disseminating information, having essential communications, pursuing research and development through consumer dialogue and preventing marketing mistakes. This can result in a much more successful and profitable organization and being profitable enables businesses to develop prospective products and services in harmony with consumer needs, and to provide services of high value for a lower price. It means that consumers can purchase good products and services for a low price, creating a win-win relationship between individuals and businesses.

Much like society as a whole, social media can reflect the best and worst aspects of people doing business. Naturally, it helps businesses to straighten up and fly true. It also helps to make the businesses visible and accessible to consumers and to enable direct communication whenever necessary. As a result, consumers are more likely to feel better and more comfortable in purchasing products and services from businesses that they can be connected with on social media. Above all, knowing the messages and stories behind the products and services helps to form an intimate connection with them.

Realizing the achievement of such an enriched society is our hope, and we strive to be a part of that achievement.