ReFUEL4, World's First Pay-for-Performance Crowdsource Site,Recruits 10,000 Creators GloballyLaunched in July 2014, ReFUEL4 is an official Facebook API Partner, specializing in crowdsourcing creatives for Facebook ads


While still in beta phase, ReFUEL4 has generated excitement worldwide in the digital media industry, with 10,000 creators registered within 5 months, a growth of 30% month-on-month. Creators are distributed globally, originating from countries such Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Thailand, the US, Mexico, Netherlands, England, Brazil, and Sweden.

Using a pay-for-performance model, brands are able to brief the worldwide cohort of creators, who are remunerated when the ads they design meet or exceed established click-through-rates (CTR) on Facebook.

Instead of paying creators per ad, or per acceptance, creators are paid according to the CTR rate in a metered rate structure and clients can measure the efficiency and optimization rate as well as deciding the number of creators ' ads that are accepted.

It is an established fact in digital media that responses to online ads degrade overtime, as consumers get accustomed to the design. Creative refreshes are required every few days to maintain campaign performance. Creative teams within agencies are not able to scale to address the needs of digital marketing. ReFUEL4 was developed to address this business gap.

With a solid base of creators, brands can expect rapid responses to briefs, with ad designs submitted in a matter of hours. Brand managers are able to choose ads from their ReFUEL4 dashboards and immediately utilize them via Facebook's ad serve tool, PowerEditor.

Development upgrades of ReFUEL4 will include video ads, which will be launched in Q2 2015.


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