9 September 2015

Integration deepens ReFUEL4's value proposition of high quality ad production at scale. Market watchers anticipate Instagram's growth to be as much as 170% in 2016 with the introduction of more ads styles.

Singapore, Tokyo, London, San Francisco - ReFUEL4 deepens its offering within the Facebook ecosystem by integrating with Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app with more than 300 million users.

Facebook recently announced opening up Instagram to potentially millions of advertisers, with different ad units and native, sophisticated targeting tools. Instagram has launched ads with call-to-action buttons and other messages that link outside the app.

"70 million photos and images are shared on Instagram a day. More than 300 million users, with 70% living outside the US. These are statistics our direct response and brand partners are keen to tap on. ReFUEL4's designer base of thousands have proven their ability to create static and video ads, at speed and scale, and with 'thumb-stopping' power - visually arresting creatives that are able to stop a user scrolling past, and prompt marketable action.

"Add to the mix Facebook's targeting tools and our compositional and trend analysis - that's competitive advantage for any brand. We are excited to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners in the world with Instagram integration." Kazuhiro Takiguchi, Founder/CEO, ReFUEL4.


About ReFUEL4

ReFUEL4 is the world's first crowdsource ad development platform that works on a pay-for-performance model. Over 10,000 designers worldwide have registered. Using compositional analytical tools, ReFUEL4 provides designers with real time performance and targeting data, which then guides further design iterations, creating sustained performance enhancement.

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