ReFUEL4 Honoured With 2016 Facebook Innovation Spotlight WinReFUEL4's approach to solving creative production challenges is recognized for excellence in innovation; unique approach combines depth of creative talent and human design intuition, automated creative refresh and analysis, prediction of ad fatigue and performance.


Singapore -- 28 April, 2016 -- ReFUEL4, the world's leading data-driven creative platform today announced that it has won the "Creativity" award in Facebook's 2016 Innovation Spotlight. The award program recognizes Facebook Marketing Partners who solve unique challenges for the brands they serve. The "Creativity" category honours ReFUEL4's expertise in delivering quality content and creatives at scale.

"We are thrilled for the platform to be recognized as innovative. Creatives are the missing piece of the puzzle in digital advertising. Our approach is to look at every aspect of creative production and see how it can be improved: the way creative talents are engaged and briefed, how they are remunerated, how it would be charged for," Kazuhiro Takiguchi, CEO, ReFUEL4.

"A goal of ReFUEL4 is to provide more opportunities to our global designer community. The global creative production industry is worth approximately US$20 billion, so there is a lot of upside for us and our designers.

ReFUEL4 matches human design intuition and machine learning. Powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine - SHAKA - which analyses ad composition, and correlates it against targeting and performance data.

Using Facebook's unmatched audience insights provides ReFUEL4 with valuable correlations with creative data. This data is fed back to ReFUEL4's designer community of 10,000 who can make design tweaks to ads as campaigns run their course.

"ReFUEL4 empowers brands to make more sophisticated advertising decisions, with greater insight into how all of their ads are working. This award from Facebook is not only a testament to the powerful tool our team has developed, but also the hard work and commitment of our design community. We believe that the benefits offered by ReFUEL4 will permit our clients to markedly improve campaign ROIs," added Takiguchi.

"ReFUEL4 is head and shoulders above the industry. It is a painless creative process and we continually receive quality insights that help us with strategy improvement," said Daphne Nguyen, User Acquisition Manager, Glu Mobile.

"I love working with ReFUEL4. I was a Creative Director in a MNC agency, I had my own agency for 10 years. But right now I am actually enjoying the work, I work at my own time, I participate in all the training sessions ReFUEL4 provides, so I am learning as well. I like the fact that it is pay for performance as I get to see the upside. Fulfilling." Kelvin Low, ReFUEL4 Creative.

"ReFUEL4 is a wonderful example of how the global advertising industry is being disruptively transformed. As with many other industries, the combination of creative empowerment and the insightful use of data, are delivering increased speed to market and superior business returns. Well done to the ReFUEL4 team on this well deserved Facebook 2016 Innovation Spotlight win." Richard Bleasdale, Regional Managing Partner, Roth Observatory International.

Facebook's annual Innovation Spotlight recognizes compelling game-changing innovations that address new challenges and opportunities as the advertising industry evolves.

About ReFUEL4

ReFUEL4 is the world's first crowdsource ad development platform that works on a pay-for-performance model. Over 10,000 designers worldwide have registered. Using compositional analytical tools, ReFUEL4 provides designers with real time performance and targeting data, which then guides further design iterations, creating sustained performance enhancement.

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