Privacy Policy

In order for us to provide safe, secure and reliable services to our customers, we are committed to protecting personal information in accordance with the privacy policy below.

1. We collect, use and provide personal information only for purposes within the course of social media marketing operations, Facebook marketing platform operations, web solutions/design operations, employment, and human resources management. It is our policy not to use personal information other than for such intended purposes and it is our policy to take such steps as might be necessary to prevent its unintended usage.

2. We will use every effort to comply in every material respect with relevant laws concerning the handling of personal information and relevant governmental guidelines and standards.

3. To keep personal information obtained by us accurate and up to date and to prevent the unauthorized access to, and loss, destructions, tampering, and leakage, etc., of personal information, we will assign such management resources as may be appropriate in the circumstances for implementing necessary safeguards and for keeping the personal information security system up-to-date. In addition, corrective measures will be taken immediately in the event that a problem occurs.

4. We have appointed a Chief Personal Information Officer and we have put in place management systems for personal information protection to ensure that personal information is appropriately utilized and protected.

5. We will continuously improve our management systems for personal information protection as a result of our constant evaluation and efforts in trying to make our systems better.

6. For requests to disclose, correct, add, delete, stop usage and provision or to notify the purpose of usage of personal information held by us, or if you want to make a complaints or to contact us, our personal information office will endeavor to respond within two weeks.

For queries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact:

Personal Information Inquiries

TEL: +81-3-6408-2791
FAX: +81-3-6408-2799
C/O Chief Personal Information Officer