ReFUEL4, a platform specialising in crowdsourcing creatives for Facebook Ads, introduces cinemagraphs and announces roadmap for video productionWith over 10,000 designers in its talent pool, ReFUEL4 deepens its value proposition of high quality ad production at scale - promising designs within hours


San Francisco - ReFUEL4 continues to establish its position to be the premier solution for high quality creative with the introduction of cinemagraphs - the first milestone towards the rollout of ReFUEL4 Video.

"Cinemagraphs are a great innovation, already taking the newsfeed by storm. Early this year, when we polled our talent base on ReFUEL4, we found there ware a lot of talent, experience and interest to address this format. Our designers had been working on some great stuff!

"Taking this new opportunity to our clients has been a key goal for Q2 this year, and take up rates are good amongst both brand and direct response clients. This is a great interim step as we prepare to launch our video service in Q4." Kazuhiro Takiguchi, Co-founder, Allied Architects Inc.

It is an established fact in digital media that responses to online ads degrade rapidly over time, as consumers get accustomed to the design. Creative refreshes are required every few days to maintain campaign performance. ReFUEL4 Video will enable the development of versions within minutes, spliced from existing footage and creatively optimized by ReFUEL4 designers. "We can see creatively optimized campaigns experiencing 200-300% performance improvement. With ReFUEL4 Video, video campaigns can get the same uplift, at the same scale and speed," added Takiguchi.

About ReFUEL4

Owned by Allied Architects Inc ("Allied"), ReFUEL4 has generated excitement worldwide in the digital media industry. More than 10,000 designers have registered. Global agency networks have tapped the scalable creative resource, enjoying responses to briefs within 48 hours.

To qualify for the programme, Allied had to meet the rigorous standards imposed by Facebook®, including:

  • Prove best-in-class service in the specialty
  • Operate proprietary technology (not provided through alliance or partnership)
  • Provide a technology that enables marketers to create, discover or curate content at a large scale
  • Allow marketers to publish content to Facebook in a timely and efficient manner through a partnership with a Facebook Marketing Partner with the Ad Technology specialty or via direct integration with Facebook Ads API
  • Provide insights with metrics allowing marketers to understand the performance of content with relation to business objectives

Using a pay-for-performance model, brands are able to brief the worldwide cohort of designers, who are remunerated when the ads they design meet or exceed established click-through-rates (CTR) on Facebook.

Instead of paying designers per ad, or per acceptance, designers are paid when ads exceed established click-through-rates. Clients can measure the efficiency and optimisation rate as well as deciding the number of designers' ads that are accepted.

With a solid base of designers, brands can expect rapid responses to briefs, with ad designs submitted in a matter of hours. Brand managers are able to choose ads from their ReFUEL4 dashboards and immediately utilise them via Facebook's ad serve tool, PowerEditor.


Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.